Going Digital: The Logical Choice

By Amir Dabiri - November 28, 2022

Have you ever torn your office apart looking for that critical loan document or bankruptcy letter needed for a hearing? How long did it take you to find that document? Situations like these are commonplace in the workplace and dealership.

Dealerships of all sizes have so many moving parts. It’s too easy to misplace documents needed to close a deal or even just record that something happened, such as a contract. Now think of the time it took you to find it. What could you have been doing instead of searching high and low for the document? Time waste is another factor that can affect your operation in the short and long term. Thankfully, situations like these are 100% avoidable for dealerships.

Services like DocuSign and Digital Loan Jacket make it easy to manage those critical files while saving you time and money in the process.

Often, cost is a factor in making a switch or commitment to going digital, but think of the ROI in time and cost savings! For example, you unfortunately had to repossess a vehicle from a customer. In this process, you pay the recovery company and add that charge to the delinquency balance. Months later you are called to present the records to in court since the person is challenging the repossession.

Thankfully, since you scanned the bills and documents, you were able to successfully defend the repossession and deflect the claim from the customer. Imagine if you hadn’t been able to find that supporting documentation. How much would it have cost? Going digital is a logical choice to help you manage your documents.

Deal Pack is known for its award-winning integrated accounting. Did you know that it also offers integrations such as DocuSign and Digital Loan Jacket? These integrations make it painless to store and easily recall key documents in a timely manner.

This intuitive approach weaves the process of digitizing the deal as simple as clicking a button. This saves you time, but also the resources that you can use to refocus your time to the dealership with a minimal cost to your overhead.

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