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Service & Parts

Fully integrated service and parts module, automated inventory cost adjustments, in-house and external repairs, ability to finance service receivables, all with real time accounting.

  • Emails & Text Messaging
    • Send bulk text messages (SMS) and emails. Send text messages with vehicle images (MMS) and related media. Create custom email and SMS templates. Access a library of seasonal and special occasion emails & SMS templates. Automate email and text messages to send payment reminders, past due notices, insurance expiration reminders and other custom templates.

  • Voice Broadcaster
    • Send reminders to your customers; keep in touch while keeping delinquency in check!

  • DLJ Digital Document Vault
    • DLJ Digital Document Vault revolutionizes electronic document execution and storage. DLJ Digital Document Vault provides users the ability to electronically sign forms and store fully-executed documents safely and securely on the cloud for effective future recall.

  • eSignature
    • Electronic and Digital Signature options that suit your business needs; DLJ Digital Document Vault allows PDF documents to be saved to individual deals.

  • Contracts & Forms
    • eForms, Laser forms. Custom print packs for all your deals and lenders. Dot matrix compatible.

  • Accounting
    • Accounting Software for Car Dealership/Finance Company

  • Reporting
    • Hundreds of reports, direct export to Excel. Using DMS Dashboard, critical reports and financial statements are automatically archived, providing users a complimentary cloud-based backup. Reports are also optimized for mobile users, helping buyers in the lane know what is currently in stock and principals outside of the office monitor performance. After all, what gets measured gets improved.

  • Free Updates
  • Saas & Security
  • Customizable Software
  • Responsive Support
  • Multi-Entity