All-In-One Software, Made by ABCoA

Deal Pack® is a DMS solution packed with features designed to help businesses like yours run more efficiently, while being affordable, easy to learn and user-friendly. Deal Pack offers fully integrated Sales, Leasing, Finance, and Service modules with real time accounting and personalized customer service.

Deal Pack is a truly integrated solution and accounting is at its core. Capable of over 150,000 journal entries, Deal Pack provides all of the financial, subsidiary, and customizable reports you need. Designed by accountants and perfected by industry leaders, Deal Pack has withstood the test of time, countless IRS Audits, and the country’s most discerning public and private companies, all while continuing to redefine what is possible in a DMS.

Deal Pack’s complete, all-in-one software ecosystem empowers you to manage all facets of your operation in one system. The benefits are clear: Eliminate duplication and fraud, reduce operating costs, and increase transparency. Users access Deal Pack over the Internet, thereby eliminating hardware costs and compliance concerns. Deal Pack's SaaS platform provides free updates, live back-ups, and the highest-level of security, performance, and redundancy for mission critical operations. Deal Pack meets the evolving needs of your company, regardless of your current business model or size, providing you measurable improvements and complete operational control.

World-Class Customer Service, Since 1983

ABCoA is known for its personalized service and its all-in-one software. Providing the industry's leading software and support are the reasons for our success since 1983. We retain 98.7% of customers year over year because we work tirelessly to earn your business for life.

Whether you are a new company just getting started or an established company switching your management solution, we strive to make the conversion process to Deal Pack as smooth as possible. Training is provided over the phone, in-house, or on-site for your convenience. When you need assistance, support is free and never more than a phone call away. ABCoA’s friendly support staff is comprised of knowledgeable specialists with actual industry experience, and you never have to wait to speak with one.

By listening to the needs of its customers and collaborating with industry participants, ABCoA continues to offer the most innovative solutions in the marketplace. ABCoA provides its customers not only cutting-edge solutions, but also the knowledge and tools of successful business practices by incorporating the experience and expertise of industry leaders into its software. Whether developing reliable software or supporting those using it, client satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Historical Overview

Thousands of users across the globe have placed their trust in us, Advanced Business Computers of America. We are a single vendor providing a complete, all-in-one software solution for used car dealers and lenders. Our products are innovative, proven, and always at the bleeding edge of technology.

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