All-In-One Software, Made by ABCoA

ABCoA® provides a complete loan management software platform for dealerships and finance companies. Our SaaS ecosystem includes Inventory Management, Loan Origination, CRM, Deal Calculation, e-Contracting, Loan Servicing, Real-time Accounting, Data Syndication, Payment Processing, Analytics, and more. On average, we replace five vendors and optimize headcount by at least 30%.

World-Class Customer Service, Since 1983

ABCoA is a software company dedicated to the non-prime finance industry for over four decades. Our 360-degree software handles every part of business operations - improving your productivity, compliance, and accuracy, while consolidating vendors and reducing costs. However non-prime loans are made and serviced, our tools handle it. Our integrated platform transforms the experience of your team and consumers. With over 40 years of expertise developing custom software for used car dealerships and finance companies, ABCoA Deal Pack is a single software that runs your entire business. One platform, endless opportunities. Ready to join our community?

Historical Overview

Thousands of users across the globe have placed their trust in us, Advanced Business Computers of America. We are a single vendor providing a complete, all-in-one software solution for used car dealers and lenders. Our products are innovative, proven, and always at the bleeding edge of technology.

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