Consolidate Vendors with All-in-one Software

  • CRM, LOS, DMS, LMS, accounting, collections, reporting, text messaging, omni-channel payment processing, custom forms, inventory management, digital document storage, funding portal, and more all from a single vendor.
  • Unified data across the customer lifecycle produces actionable insights, streamlines operations, eliminates double entry, improves sales and collection activity, and increases profitability with a complete 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Automation, powered by AI, provides a completely online car shopping experience – from lead origination to desking, electronic contracting, and delivery.
  • Custom scoring models and loan origination tools that automate decision-making and streamline lending for a compliant, instantaneous, and ever-improving underwriting process.
  • User-defined workflows that drive performance. Automate marketing campaigns without the need for human touch. By building an integrated ecosystem with next-generation technology, Deal Pack creates superior experiences and profitability for dealers and lenders.
  • The Deal Pack ecosystem provides the subprime automotive and finance industry a complete end-to-end software solution for the first time ever.
  • Deal Pack is a complete, all-in-one software ecosystem customizable to your exact needs and scalable to your exact size - helping improve your operations, grow your business, and solve the challenges you face.
  • Deal Pack handles all of your business needs transparently – providing you measurable improvements and complete financial control, saving you time, increasing your bottom line, and allowing you the freedom to focus on your daily operations.
  • Deal Pack is relied upon by thousands of customers across the United States (48 states) and world (six countries).