Increase sales and improve customer service

Customer Relationship Management

cyclCRM provides a fully-customizable credit application that is hosted and quickly added to your website with a hyperlink. Credit apps submitted on your website, as well as leads from all other sources, flow into Deal Pack DMS. Manage all leads, from all sources, in one place. Simplify customer service and compliance with customized workflows and automated follow-up and marketing. Both systems stay in sync as information is updated in either cyclCRM or Deal Pack.

White-Label Credit App

Obtain need-to-know credit information on all customers, and pre-approve customers based on preset criteria and financial status with fully customizable and automated scoring models.


Create campaigns to re-engage your customer base. Specify custom criteria to define your target audience. Use emails, SMS, and phone call marketing to reach your customers. Measure the effectiveness of a campaign through key performance indicators (KPIs).


Check customers in to your dealership via mobile app. Allow managers to see real-time showroom floor/lot activity. Automate outbound emails and text messages. Never miss an opportunity with automated notifications and reminders.

Lead Management

Receive leads from any source. Automatically merge duplicates to maintain a clean customer list. Automatically assign leads to your sales reps. Track all sales rep activity and ROI. Real-time dashboards track key performance metrics. Capture your customer’s interested vehicles/wishlist. Automate customer interaction with custom workflows. Manage compliance for your customer base. Receive notifications for appointments, untouched prospects, and more.

  • Emails & Text Messaging
  • Voice Broadcaster
  • Click to Call
  • Free Updates
  • Saas & Security
  • Customizable Software
  • Responsive Support
  • Multi-entity
  • Loan Origination
  • Real-time Funding Portal