Putting Customer Service Back into Collections!

By Amir Dabiri - September 16, 2022

The last few years have not been easy for customers, let alone dealerships. Covid, historic inflation, and the threat of a possible recession are constantly on everyone’s minds. After all, the relationship doesn’t stop when the deal is posted. Quite the opposite, it is just beginning!

Now more than ever, collectors are faced with the daunting task of maintaining and fostering these newly formed relationships. Often, collections are associated with bill collectors chasing down payments and delinquent accounts. Consider if they combined those collections efforts with friendly reminders and checkups? Collectors are in the perfect position to provide great customer service and helping to grow and maintain the relationship started by the sales team. As the saying goes, “You can get more bees with honey and then you can with vinegar”.

How do you empower your collectors to accomplish this type of personal customer service in today’s fast paced world? Digitally! Collectors can use tools such as SMS, email, mass mailing, and target database queries to pull and send reminder of all types to specific groups that are personalized.

Deal Pack is already known for its industry standard integrated accounting, but did you know it also offers a power software suite of collections tools? For example, did you know it is preferred to receive texts over phone calls?  Deal Pack offers the ability to send out text templates or even free-hand texts to reach customers who may never pick up the phone while at the same time automatically recording the attempt on the file.

Another great extra feature is the ability to generate nightly queues set based on your business needs. Communication tasks such as past due payments, low balance loans that could turn into a new vehicle, or even friendly reminder notices that you may be closed for a holiday can now be automated freeing your collectors up to provide better service with increased efficiency.

Interested in how Deal Pack can help you connect digitally with a personal edge? Contact us at support@abcoa.com or 1-800-526-5832 so we can help you achieve your goals today!

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