Rising Car Sales and Collections

By Chris McIntyre - April 28, 2021

As car sales are predicted to rise, the increase in delinquencies will, unfortunately, rise as well. Deal Pack Pro has a fully integrated Collections Module that will help reduce and track those delinquencies. The Collections Module is fully integrated with a letter writer that will allow you to customize your own letters and SMS text messages to send to customers for payment reminders or to customers who are past due. In Deal Pack’s Collections Module also has the ability to send a voice broadcast to an entire queue of customers. This feature will automatically call the customers in the queue and provide the end user with the ability to pay by phone. This will allow the customers to make a payment and post the payment in Deal Pack Pro all without human interaction.

Collectors can also create a shared queue giving the collectors a more efficient and effective way to work through the customers. Creating a shared queue will allow multiple collectors work the same queue and Deal Pack will ensure that the same customer is not being worked twice. While collectors work queues they have the ability to update customer information, leave remarks, create pop-ups and warning messages to relay important information.

Help your collectors reduce the number of delinquency by providing them with the tools they need such as SMS text and voice broadcasting. Contact an ABCoA representative today to see how SMS text messaging and voice broadcasting can help your operation.

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