Integrated DMS and CRM for BHPH Dealers

By Bethany Richardson - December 3, 2020

The pandemic has put more customers in the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) market now than ever before. To be successful, BHPH dealers need to be able to maximize repeat business, maintain current customers, and turn prospects into customers efficiently.  Ultimately, having an Integrated DMS and CRM for BHPH Dealers will accomplish these things effortlessly.

There are several benefits and solutions an Integrated DMS and CRM offers to benefit BHPH dealers.  Simplifying your process, easily converting leads to sales, and retaining current customers while boosting sales and collections efforts are just a few.

  • Simplified work – no double entry. Leads are imported to cyclCRM and are pushed into Deal Pack. Once can easily pull credit and/or attach to deals.
  • Live updates to Inventory. All your current stock information is sent to cyclCRM – any changes to price, down payment or inventory status will be updated in real time through the Integrated DMS and CRM.  Sold vehicles will be removed from your available stock at cyclCRM.
  • Up to date customer information. Changes at Deal Pack will automatically be sent to cyclCRM and vice-versa!  You will have current data when that customer is ready to purchase again – making repeat business a breeze for you BHPH.

  • Tools within our Integrated DMS and CRM for BHPH Dealers help you convert leads quicker:
  • Automatic opt-in messages sent as soon as leads come in
  • Automatic campaigns throughout the sales process
  • Integrated Calendar and Chat features

cyclCRM provides clear information on leads. This affords your BHPH dealership the ability to pick up on any lead at any time and make more sales. Prospects are not always ready the same day. They may want to browse competition. They may not have the down payment right then. Or they may not see a vehicle that meets their needs the same day. Being able to follow up on these customers from detailed notes in an Integrated CRM helps BHPH dealers secure sales.

  • Having an Integrated DMS and CRM simplifies the process of creating repeat customers. cyclCRM sends automatic campaigns before and after a sale to ensure your Buy Here Pay Here dealership is first in their mind.  Regularly scheduled communications (birthdays, purchase anniversaries, service reminders, monthly newsletters, etc.) add value to the relationship and builds rapport with your BHPH.
  • cyclCRM helps maintain a positive relationship until the customer is ready to purchase again. This relationship also creates less friction which aides in collections efforts!  A positive experience (before, during and after a sale) is a powerful motivator for customers to meet their payment due date.
  • Staying on a customer’s radar will ensure your BHPH dealership is their first choice for buying again!  This process is seamless by having an Integrated DMS and CRM.

cyclCRM provides numerous tools for your BHPH dealership.  There are also features allowing you to target your best sources and generate quality leads from them.  These are just a few examples of how an Integrated DMS and CRM for BHPH dealers simplifies your process and boost sales and collections efforts.

For more information, any questions or if you would like to schedule a demo, contact me at 800-526-5832 or email me at

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