Getting the most out of your CRM

By Bethany Rivette - May 18, 2020

When you think of CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) what are some words that come to mind? If they aren’t integration, user friendly, smart, and creative you are not using cyclCRM. cyclCRM is the future for the Used Car industry. Imagine having a CRM that not only talks to your DMS but that the DMS also talks back to your CRM. What does this mean? The end of double working! The days of having to re enter information from your CRM to your DMS are over.

Imagine this scenario: A customer goes onto your website shopping for a new vehicle one evening. They find the vehicle they are interested in, but they don’t have the time to go to the dealership and go through all the hoops of getting into a new vehicle.  They have put off buying a new vehicle for so long due to the long drawn out process of filling out the credit app, providing all the required documents to the dealership and so on. cyclCRM is here to take away all the hassle and stress.

The customer can go onto your company’s website any time of day and complete the credit application. What happens next? The lead gets updated to the CRM and a designated Salesperson is alerted of the new lead. All the information the customer provided in the credit app including address information, income information, references ETC are automatically updated in cyclCRM! They can even agree to text messages and email communication with the Salesperson to avoid any unwanted phone calls. Remember all the hoops the customer was dreading? The customer can be put at ease with the Salesperson being able to request proof of insurance, copy of driver’s license, proof of income or anything else that is needed right from a text! This information is then stored within the application at cyclCRM!

The customer and salesperson strike a deal and the sale is completed. The customer has left the lot happy and stress-free. The Salesperson can go a step further to make the customer feel truly appreciated by sending a Thank You text right after the customer leaves. The best part is this text is automated, so the salesperson doesn’t even need to worry about it.

Imagine having a CRM that automates not only thank you text messages but also yearly automatic Happy Birthday messages, maintenance reminders, even low balance messages to invite the customers back in for a trade in! The possibilities are endless, and all of this can be done without any second thought from the dealership! Let cyclCRM do the work for you so that you can focus on the important things like your next SALE!

Call toll free to 1-800-526-5832 or email and speak with one of our Account Specialists today to get more information and request a free demo. You can also visit cyclCRM and view a brief demonstration.  We can guarantee that when you become part of the cyclCRM family you will not ever think of going anywhere else!

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