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What Forms Would You Recommend for a Startup Dealership?

posted on: October-09-2012
by: Deal Pack
category: Tips

This question comes up quite often especially from new start up dealers. Each state usually has their own dealer association that can provide forms for your type of business. It is always best to get with them to be safe. If you cannot find your dealer associations you can visit and they will direct you to your state association. Also you can visit your state websites to get the mandatory state forms, ex. application for titles and power of attorneys. Just Google DMV and your state of business and you will see a “Forms” category. The types of forms needed also depend on the nature of business. Ex. you may do Leases so there-for you will need Lease Contracts? If you are in the business of consumer loans, you will probably need some kind of Consumer Loan contract or addendum. I have also found that many times you can just Google what you need and as long as there is no copy write just save that form and that can be used. In my and experience I would say that these forms will always be needed when starting a dealership:


– Buyers Guide
– Odometer Disclosure Statement
– Power Of Attorney
– Retail Installment Contract
– Application for Title
– Bill of Sale
– Insurance Affidavit/Proof of Insurance


Remember to also consider you may needs different versions of the above forms. Ex the odometer disclosure statement and the Power of Attorney you would need a trade version in case your customers traded in a vehicle.
Hope this helps and good luck!

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