Is Deal Pack secure?

Yes. Deal Pack is built with security at its core. Deal Pack is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS), is ISO 27001 certified, and all the data centers are staffed 24/7/365. To prevent data loss and downtime, data is backed up and stored in real-time across multiple availability zones. We also take daily snapshots of your data and securely store them on AWS to ensure that your Deal Pack system is always ready for you.

Deal Pack is a reliable source for managers to use as a method of checks and balances. You can also ensure accurate accounting, efficient operations, and eliminate mistakes and fraud due to human error.

Published by David Hicka

David joined the ABCoA family in December 2017 as a Front-End Designer. He is a US Air Force veteran and attended the Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland. David is a Florida State College at Jacksonville alumnus where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors, learning new technologies, and art.