CPA savings Eliminate ongoing costs by 99%, produce GAAP financials instantly
Data Entry savings Save 320+ hours of manual double-entry per month
Payment savings Completely offset payment processing fees
Collectors savings Superpower each collector to manage 1,000+ accounts easily
Repossessions savings Automated messaging and payments reduce delinquency
Vendor savings Consolidate multiple products and vendors
Hardware savings Hosted in the cloud - no need for expensive hardware
Compliance savings SOC-2 Type II and PCI DSS SAQ-D certified, FTC and IRS compliant


Why use a software that gives you extra work or holds you back?

Deal Pack is a single software that consolidates vendors and eliminates duplicate work, reduces costs, headcount, taxes, and legal liabilities. Deal Pack enables you to superpower productivity, streamline and grow, while being secure and compliant. Don't settle for an incomplete system. Request a personal demo and price quote today.

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