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Integrating your DMS with GPS

posted on: June-27-2017
by: Amir Dabiri
category: BHPH Dealership

BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) and LHPH (Lease Here Pay Here) dealers need every advantage possible when they are trying to maximize their profits in the sub-prime market.  Installing integrated GPS tracking devices in each of their sold vehicles is a great way for dealers to minimize their losses, as well as boost their payment revenues. Here are three reasons why every BHPH and LHPH dealership should be integrating their DMS with GPS.


(1) When all collection efforts have failed to get the customer’s account current, having an integrated GPS device in the vehicle makes it a seamless process to quickly locate and recover the vehicle, minimizing overall repossession costs.


(2) Customers who purchase vehicles with GPS devices installed are much more inclined to make their payments on time, since they are already aware that the vehicle can be quickly located and recovered by the dealer or the unit may become inaccessible due to non-payment.


(3) Just one additional payment collected on an account as a result of using an integrated GPS device is usually enough to cover the cost of the device installed in the vehicle, and over time the benefits will by far outweigh the upfront costs.


Using integrated GPS devices are crucial for BHPH and LHPH dealerships who care about their bottom line. Deal Pack Pro currently offers software integrations with GoldStar, PassTime, Ituran USA, and OnTime to provide a seamless process for your dealership.


Please call our Support Staff at 1-800-526-5832 for more information regarding a GPS integration within Deal Pack Pro.

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