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How Can I Track Titles Efficiently?

posted on: October-04-2012
by: Deal Pack
category: Features

Deal Pack’s dealer management system provides an excellent solution for tracking titles on your inventory before and after the sale. A title number and title state field is conveniently located at the Inventory screen providing ease of entry at the time vehicles are purchased for stock. These fields are also available at the Trade screen for entry when completing a vehicle sale.


It’s more common than not for titles to be unavailable at the time of purchase or trade-in. Perhaps the vehicle is on floor plan or a lien exists requiring a pay off. Deal Pack’s Missing Title report gives you the option of generating the report for sold or unsold inventory.


Titles for sold inventory are managed in the File Maintenance section which is accessible from the Customer, Payment or Collections screen. Pull the customer’s account up at any of these areas and click the File Maintenance (FM) button. Select the Title tab and enter applicable data. Answering “Y” or “N” at the “Title Received Y/N?” field dictates whether this unit appears on the Missing Title report or not. You can also note if the title has been applied for and the date that occurred, enter a follow up date, enter a date the title was received, add a comment, etc.


Titles for unsold inventory are managed on the Inventory screen. If the Title # field is null, this indicates that the title has not been received and this unit will appear on the Missing Title report.


The Missing Title report is located in Reports I at the Inventory tab. You’ll be asked to select from “I” for Inventory to view a list of unsold vehicles or “F” for File Maintenance for sold vehicles. As with many reports in Deal Pack, you have the option to export the report to MS Excel. Utilizing this procedure eliminates the question, “Do we have the title?”

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