1. Prepare a robust set of business requirements that the technology solution needs to address.
  2. Actively engage key stakeholders who understand the requirements in the vendor selection process.
  3. Run sample scenarios through the technology and assess the output for completeness and accuracy of both journal entries and results.
  4. Confirm management’s understanding of internal controls reports, such as Service Organization Control (SOC) reports, available from the technology vendor.
  5. Always consult your independent legal, accounting, and other professional advisors prior to taking any action whatsoever.
  6. Choosing the correct software is a process that includes researching the software provider itself. It is important to be confident in both the entity and the application. Will they remain in business? Do they constantly improve their application? How is their support? Have they withstood the test of time, public companies, and IRS audits? These questions are crucial in understanding the software provider’s level of service and longevity when it comes to maintaining your livelihood.

ABCoA requires all employees to complete a security and privacy training as part of new hire orientation and annually thereafter. Additionally, various role-based trainings are conducted at least annually.

Accounting for the subprime, used car industry is unique and highly specialized. Participants must adhere to very complex accounting procedures in order to gain the maximum tax benefit allowable by the IRS. Overlooking any aspect of business could be disastrous, and the industry’s laws and regulations are constantly changing. Fortunately, Deal Pack can be leveraged to assist with operations, compliance, and peace of mind.

  1. ABCoA invests heavily in research and development, spending $5 million annually to ensure its solutions deliver trust, convenience, and equity in a changing world. By developing from the ground up, ABCoA software’s foundation is strong and integration is seamless and in real-time.
  2. With half of our employees being software developers, ABCoA is a nimble company that is able to respond to requests rapidly, while building the most advanced software in the subprime industry capable of supporting every type of loan and aspect of business operations.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, ABCoA continuously elevates the standard for software and customer service in the subprime industry. All our customer support is located stateside, right here in Jacksonville.

  1. Deal Pack was awarded “Top Online Accounting Software,” based on customer satisfaction and usability, and “Leader in Auto Dealer Software.” These awards motivate us to do more and get better each day.
  2. Deal Pack is recommended by accountants, auditors, and users nationwide. We are happy to provide references.
  1. Over 1 million hours of engineering have gone into our products. This is evidenced by robust applications, which are continuously updated and contain more features than anything in the marketplace.
  2. Deal Pack handles more financial scenarios than any other single software application in the world? Deal Pack’s Quick deal module has successfully handled over 5,000 scenarios against APRwin. Deal Pack’s accounting module is capable of over 150,000 general ledger entries specific to the subprime auto/finance industry. Customers properly using Deal Pack have never lost an IRS audit. Deal Pack has successfully passed over 6,000 individual state audits.
  3. Deal Pack Web is SOC-2 Type II certified. ABCoA is proud to provide enhanced protections and safeguards, which go above and beyond industry standards or those required by law, to reduce risk to your data.
  4. Facing a lawsuit for cheap software could be the most expensive purchase you ever make. We at ABCoA have been fully committed to our customers and the used car industry since our founding in 1983. Customers can count on our highly specialized team, award winning software, and expert service.
  5. ABCoA is a member of the Association of Dealer Management Software, National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, American Financial Services Association, and over 25 other national and state finance and dealer associations. We are also Certified Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM business partners.

Deal Pack is an entire ecosystem that streamlines the subprime finance process. Automatic entries are produced in your General Ledger for every transaction, creating a checks and balance system. As a result, you can be assured accurate accounting, efficient operations and eliminate mistakes due to human error. Deal Pack supplies you a complete collection system which offers you the ability to reach your customers via different methods and process payments with multiple options. Designed to help you manage and grow your business with ease.

We realize changing your DMS/LMS system is a huge commitment. We offer white glove service to fully support the transition and will train your team for the easiest transition possible.

We have a dedicated support team located in Jacksonville, FL. Our team is here to assist you Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm EST with an afterhours support line available in the case of an emergency. We are dedicated to making sure you and your staff’s needs are addressed as quickly as possible.

Our support team provides virtual one on one training to ease the onboarding process. We will also provide complimentary training in our office for you and your team depending on your specific needs.

Deal Pack was built with security at its core. Deal Pack is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS) with all of the data centers staffed 24/7/365. All data is backed up and stored in real-time across multiple availability zones. We were one of the first to implement MFA regulations to help our customers stay compliant.

We have a dedicated conversion team that is expertly trained to ensure the accuracy of the data. Our veteran team takes pride in providing a smooth transition for our customers. Moving your DMS is stressful, we want to provide the correct information to make the move as easy as possible.

Click on the green Request a Demo button in the upper right corner of our website. Our sales team will contact you. We will provide you with a product tour and connect you with our product specialists to be sure we answer any questions you may have. From there our support team will provide you with a thorough onboarding and training for your staff. We will continue to support your business throughout our long-term partnership.