We know there are lots of options for you out there today but the question you should be asking is are YOU in it for the long haul or short term. Are you looking for a Ford Pinto or are you looking for a Rolls Royce that holds its value for decades to come?

The average full time CPA charges you $63,000 a year. With DealPack Pro all the accounting is done for you the only 3 things you have to do daily is cut checks from the system, make deposits, Create AP Invoices to your vendors. The rest is DONE for you. You literally just print your financials and hand it to them. Imagine that cost savings alone yearly.

We know what our system can do and save you in the long run and we have lots of referrals that can back it up.

Changing DMS providers is a commitment and we want you to be 150% happy with our services. Trust us to take you to your maximum protentional. Our goal is to help you grow or else we are failing.

We have a dedicated support department located here in Jacksonville, FL. Our support team is here to assist you Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM eastern time. We even have an afterhours number for emergencies if needed. We offer unlimited Free Online One on One Training. If you even want to come to our facility, we offer FREE In House Training for you and your team.

We can convert anything from ledger cards to databases. If you can get us the data, we can convert it. We convert customers to DealPack Pro every week and have not had any issues with converting the data. No conversion is too big or too small for us. We have a dedicated conversion team that works on this to ensure accuracy.

Not only can you text a customer, but you can even create Auto SMS templates to make your collections a breeze. You can create unlimited templates and tell us what time to send them and we will launch those text to all customers leaving a remark that it was sent. Once the customers reply to that text, we will even notify you with an email and a pop up inside DealPack that a text was received. This makes it REAL 2 Way Integration. Let’s be honest in today’s day and age no one picks up the phone, but all will reply to an SMS.

With our SMS integration we even have Voice Broadcasting which is a great tool to reach hundreds of customers in less than a minute. Just record your generic message, Example Insurance Reminder. Create it and pull a report with all customers that are expiring or cancelling and mass blast that call to everyone. No more need to spend 2 hours notifying each person when they all got the call in a minute.

Yes, once you sign up, we send you an encrypted file on the 1st of each month via email or if you have an SFTP we can upload to that. All you do is log into your portal and upload. All done safely and in the Metro 2 Format.

We work with a company called EAutoPayment and if your merchant is compatible with a gateway provider of Authorize.net or First Data we can sync the 2 together. Your customers will be able to make Online payments, IVR payments, Setup Recurring, and Setup Pay by Text. Customer walking in? No worries just swipe the card with any USB card reader, and you are all set. No more double reconciling with a side terminal. What you took in will be on your reports and that is what will hit you bank at midnight. No more adding up the receipts from the side machine and then going into your DMS to note those payments.

Let’s be honest without a CRM your sales would be down. Especially times like now with Covid. You only have a 10-minute window to reach out to that customer before they have submitted a request to another Dealership. With our CyclCRM you get an instant text notification that the lead has come in, that lead is in the DMS nearly real time and you are ready to pull a soft pull with 700 Credit. Whether your leads are coming from your website application, Autotrader, Car Guru, Facebook or even Mars you won’t miss a lead. Setup Campaigns so you can even make sales when you sleep. Balances low on an old loan? Let’s trade that bad boy in. (WE CAN ADD SOME MORE COOL THINGS)

With DealPack Pro when we say Real Time Fully Integrated, we mean it and we can prove it to you! Most companies will tell you they have integrated accounting however this is not true. What they really mean is you can click a button to push to quick books.

Deal Pack is a user-friendly, all-in-one, turn-key solution for used car dealers, Buy Here Pay Here and Lease Here Pay Here dealers, and subprime lenders. Deal Pack simplifies daily tasks and eliminates double-entry, subsequently saving you valuable time and money.

With accounting at its core, Deal Pack is the only software capable of over 150,000 journal entries specific to the used car and subprime lending industry. Accounting entries are made automatically, behind the scenes, in real-time!

To learn more about Deal Pack, please visit www.dealpack.com or call 800-526-5832. If you have any questions about our features or integrations, please email support@abcoa.com and we will be more than happy to assist.

Yes. Please visit www.dealpack.com and request a Free Product Tour. To proceed with a demonstration, please be ready to present your dealer or business license. If you would like to speak directly with our Sales team, please call 800-526-5832.

Yes. Deal Pack is built with security at its core. Deal Pack is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS), is ISO 27001 certified, and all the data centers are staffed 24/7/365. To prevent data loss and downtime, data is backed up and stored in real-time across multiple availability zones. We also take daily snapshots of your data and securely store them on AWS to ensure that your Deal Pack system is always ready for you.

Deal Pack is a reliable source for managers to use as a method of checks and balances. You can also ensure accurate accounting, efficient operations, and eliminate mistakes and fraud due to human error.

Yes. Deal Pack offers the ability to pull and report credit to all four major credit bureaus.

Yes. Deal Pack provides you with a mobile-friendly website using your company’s logo where your customers can log in, make payments, manage their account, and view their payment history.

Let your customers do the work for you by servicing their own loans. Customers have the option of making one-time payments using a credit/debit card or their bank account. Your customers also have an option to set up recurring payments where the system will do all of the work. Customers can even enable pay by text.

Yes. Deal Pack has a renowned and knowledgeable Support team available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. Emergency and after- hours support is available 24/7/365.

After receiving a product tour, you will work with our Sales, Administrative, and Support teams to ensure that your system is tailored to your company. Our team will ensure that your operation is always set for success!


If your current data is converted to Deal Pack® everything is placed on the dates that the original payments were taken.

Depending on your current DMS, Deal Pack® can convert all of your previous data. However, if you desire to enter your previous accounts manually, the ‘Direct Add’ feature within Deal Pack® is designed for this purpose.