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DMS Dealer Software: Can my Service Department Communicate with my Sales and Finance?

posted on: September-18-2012
by: Deal Pack
category: Finance

A couple weeks ago I had a call from a service advisor who had an issue with transferring a balance over to the finance side. As I was helping him he stated it would be nice if we can make some notes on an account in service. I went ahead and showed him how and I also showed him how to create a warning. I explained that the warning will also go to the finance side. He never knew about that feature and he was really excited when I showed him. He stated this is perfect because many times customers come in and tell him they can give him like $100 down for the work $50 from that point on until paid off. I told him to create a warning on the service side saying all that.


To create a Warning in Service and Parts:
– Click Customers
– Pull up Customers
– Click Remark
– Enter Employee Code
– Type your Note


Examples: Customer agrees to pay $50 each time his payment is due. Customer stated he has $200 to give now toward repair. Customer is a Pain…Good luck (I have seen this but this is a clean version)


– Select WARN under the Action drop down
– Click Save


Also they are not just good for transferring to sales side. Warning can be created for internal notes as well. They will pop up at the time of Repair Order.

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