What the Best BHPH Software Should Do for You

By Claire Cruce - September 9, 2020

What the Best BHPH Software Should Do for You

Many BHPH software on the market today are lacking some basic benefits that save you a lot of time. Here are 8 ways your dealer management software should be making your life easier as a BHPH company:

  1. Allow you to prospect potential customers from within the system. Using an online credit application, you should have the ability to bring in the information automatically without having to do double entry. From there using Deal Pack Pro, you can automatically have an OFAC check done and pull credit from within the system.
  2. Automatically send Inventory to your website. Another way to reduce double entry, your DMS can pull the information and images you have added to the vehicle and send it to your website provider.
  3. Allow you to keep track of repairs and pay your invoices. Deal Pack Pro allows you to add repairs to a unit in your inventory, all while creating the entries and invoice to pay the sublet or parts shop.
  4. Process payments in one place. Whether it is cash, ACH, or credit card, you should be able to take all types of payments within your software. The way the world is today, customers should have the option to pay online. Those payments can then be brought into the system without ever having to call or see the customer, saving time for both parties.
  5. Handle your accounting for an auditing trail. Real-time accounting gives you the opportunity to narrow down ALL your accounting, reporting, and month-end needs to one system. Deal Pack Pro offers real-time accounting so you can focus on deals and your customers while Deal Pack handles your accounting in the background for you.
  6. Allow you to cut checks out of the system. Whether it is a customer refund or a check to O’Reilly’s for a new battery, the ability to cut checks out of your software is one more way you can save time with the right DMS. No more hand-written checks or double entry.
  7. Offer free training. When learning a new software or beginning to use a dealer management software for the first time, training should not be a difficult thing to obtain. Deal Pack offers free training when you first come over to the system, as well as 6 years down the road when you need a refresher.
  8. Access to YOUR data. Some software companies make it seem like they are holding your data hostage. Reports and customer information are hard to find and decipher, let alone export. Deal Pack Pro allows full access to all your data all the time and has over 200 reports available to use.

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