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What Should I do if a Customer Makes a Promise for Payment?

By Deal Pack - November 13, 2012

Deal Pack provides the ability to save a Promise to Pay, or PTP, on a customer’s account. This can be accomplished from either the Payment or Collections screens.


At the Payment screen, pull up the Customer’s account and click the Remark tab. Enter your employee code, type a note detailing the agreement, select the PTP action from the drop down window and schedule the date and time the payment has been promised. Click Save to retain this information.


At the Collections section, a PTP can be added in the same manor by pulling up the customer at the Specific tab or selecting them from the Name drop down window at the Queue screen if they were included on a Past Due report.


Aside from stamping a remark note on the customer’s account indicating a promise to pay has been established, a PTP banner will be presented at the Payment and Collections windows when this customer’s information is displayed.


A collector can determine which customer’s are due by generating a PTP report by date range at the Collections section. A queue is created allowing the collector to place follow up calls and is provided the ability to create the report for broken promises only. With Deal Pack’s phone pay options for credit card or ACH payments, the collector can process the payment or update the PTP arrangement.

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