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What Kinds of Letters Can I Print Out of Deal Pack?

By Deal Pack - December 14, 2012

All kinds!! Every one of our customers knows we’re happy to program impact and PDF forms for their convenience for printing out deals, but we also provide other letters that you might not know are built right into the software. Some examples are:


NSF letter – when a payment is returned for non-sufficient funds, you no longer have to plug in the customer’s name, account balances, and fees into a pre-formatted word file. Deal Pack will print the letter for you, filling in all the blanks!


Online Payment letter – you’ve made the right decision, and signed up for our online payment feature, which allows your customer to go to a website and make their payments, which can be processed into your Deal Pack with the click of a button (Call me for a demo if you would like more information on online payments!) Now, what? You need to get the word out to your customers…no problem-o! We have an online payment instruction letter you can print out and hand off to your customers.


Credit Denial letter – sometimes, you just can’t take the risk, even in our BHPH industry, people can get turned down. In Deal Pack, you can print out a letter outlining the reasons why right now is just not the right time to provide the customer with credit.


In addition to the above form letters, we are also happy to program collections letters on your company letter head, and we provide an option for you to create and send unlimited letters and emails to your customers at no additional cost. Our goal is to make communication with your customers as easy and seamless as possible!

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