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What is a Form Confirmation Letter?

By Deal Pack - October 31, 2012

Forms are installed into your Deal Pack application upon completion of programming. At that point we request you test them thoroughly for placement and accuracy and verify they meet your expectations.


It’s important to consider all variables and scenarios when testing. As example, are fees that were entered on the Quick Deal/Lease populating into the applicable fields on the document? Has the trade been properly disclosed ? Was the form interpreted correctly at time of programming? It’s equally important for testing to be done in a timely manor. This will ensure the form is readily available when printing is required.


The Form Confirmation Letter itemizes the forms that were programmed which require testing. Please contact Deal Pack support to complete any necessary adjustments and it will be handled expeditiously. Once the forms meet your approval, please sign off on the letter and fax it back to ABCOA at (904) 354-3663. Your prompt attention and cooperation is appreciated.

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