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What is a Digital Loan Jacket?

By Deal Pack - July 16, 2012

We live an age where the mantra is “information at your fingertips”. With the digital era influencing every aspect of our lives, it is important to leverage these efficiencies in every way possible with your business. One simple, yet effective way to do this is keeping an electronic record of every important document you have with your customers. For the BHPH and specialty auto finance industries, it is commonly referred to as a digital deal or digital loan jacket.


You can and should store everything from the original retail installment contract to insurance information and collection letters. Where does that leave you? A hard drive with thousands upon thousands of pdf’s. How does this help? Well, it really doesn’t unless you can keep this virtual closet organized. How do you do this? INTEGRATION! You need to have a DMS that can do this for you, inside their software.


Deal Pack has this ability for you to quickly and easily attach, then search and view documents that have been assigned to a customer. This feature allows you to seamlessly work in our program while pulling up every applicable document tied to that customer. For your employees, it keeps them operating at peak performance, not having them close Deal Pack to search other files and folders for the documents or worse yet, go pull the hard copy of the jacket.


While there are countless things that are important to your successful business, technology is at the forefront. The digital loan jacket is another great way to leverage technology while increasing efficiency.

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