What does a customer need in order to purchase a vehicle in Texas?

By Rachel Jurich - March 20, 2019

This question is frequently asked and the answer is quite important. Per Texas law, the dealer must obtain a copy of a photo identification with an expiration date and a unique identification number. Additionally, a copy must always be kept on file in the dealer jacket. Lucky for Deal Pack Pro users, they can electronically store and view all copies of identification (or any documents for that matter) in what we call the Digital Loan Jacket. Another option we have for storing documents is located within our cyclCRM. There you can scan a Driver’s License and the CRM will automatically fill out all pertinent information for you.

The following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • – Driver’s License or State ID issued by a state or territory of the US
  • – US or Foreign Passport
  • – US Military Identification Card
  • – US Department of Homeland Security ID Document
  • – US Citizenship and Immigration Services Document
  • – US Department of State Identification Document
  • – North Atlantic Treaty Organization Identification
  • – Identification Issued Under A Status of Forces Agreement

Many dealers are faced with the question of whether they can accept a Matricula Consular or a Driver’s License from Mexico. Although a Matricula Consular or a Mexican Driver’s License are forms of photo identification with an expiration date and a unique identification number, they are not accepted forms of identification for dealers. This also includes any Driver’s License from any foreign country. With that in mind, the only foreign document acceptable for Texas is a foreign passport. In the event that the customer only has the Matricula Consular or foreign Driver’s License, they will need to have a cosigner with an acceptable form of identification in order to process the deal.

These regulations are in place to ensure dealers are remaining compliant and Deal Pack Pro is here to ensure you do just that. When entering a new customer’s information, the system will automatically run an OFAC check. This is in place to ensure you are not creating deals with anyone that is wanted Nationally that could potentially wreak havoc to your dealership. In addition, a social security number or Driver’s License number must be entered in the system in order to post a deal. Any of the listed forms of identification can also be entered in exchange.

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