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What Can I Provide Customers to Notify Them When Their Payments Are Due?

By Deal Pack - March 11, 2013

Deal Pack provides the ability to print payment coupon booklets upon completion of deal entry for your buy here pay here loans. The coupons display the payment number, the customer’s name and stock number, the payment amount and due date, and your company name with address and phone number. An option is presented to display the late charge date and late payment amount due, if desired. You also have the choice of selecting a one or two column coupon type – selecting two columns provides the ability for the customer to keep one copy and mail the other in with the payment.


Coupons are printed to your laser printer on 8½” x 11” perforated paper which accommodates 3 coupons per sheet. Payment booklet covers are available and can be customized to include your business name and logo to add that professional touch. Contact ABCoA for pricing and to place a paper product order.

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