Top 3 Benefits of signing up for Callfire

By Chris McIntyre - February 4, 2013

Many people call and ask me what the main benefits are for Callfire. As I give them a demo on how we are integrated with them it has always been a success. I always tell them about these 3 main benefits:


1. Instead of calling customers and letting them know they are past due. Send them an instant Voice Broadcast. Ex. Calling 50 people for a payment reminder will probably take at least an hour. Using our Voice Broadcasting, you just send it to all 50 customers in less than one minute. BAM everyone has been reminded
2. Sent instant text messages to your users.. Now days almost 95% of all plans have text messaging. Everyone uses it. Imagine now just sending a payment reminder via text. Callfire offers that for as little as $.03 per text
3. When you are done running your calls you can actually log onto callfire website and see how many were sent, How many picked up, how many went to voicemail and what numbers are no longer in service.


In the example below you will see what 136 people got my voice broadcast. All this only took my less than 3 minutes. Now imagine your savings on collectors. This would have easily taken 4 hours to do. Once the voicemail is sent we stamp the customers remarks with the date and time of when the voicemail was sent. BAM you’re done!




Call us for a demo today to see what it can do for you!

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