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Should I Have My Own Terminal Server or Should I Use ASP?

By Deal Pack - July 17, 2012

More than likely your dealership or finance company relies on more than one computer to accomplish your daily tasks and get business done efficiently. Should you have all of your computers networked to a server? If you have a large staff, the answer should be yes. What is a server? In laymen’s terms, it is a computer designed to process requests and deliver data to other (client) computers over a local network or internet connection.


A network of computers connected by a server is far more efficient than having multiple non networked computers. There are a myriad of benefits to having a server whether it is for storage space, back up options, mobility if you are a traveler or work from home and performing security updates quickly. Some software companies provide a server to their clients or your company may need to obtain a Terminal Server. Both customer Terminal Server and ASP (Terminal) Server allow for server based computing. This allows for remote and local locations to run a software program on the server using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Dealer Management Solutions, such as Deal Pack (ABCOA) give you the option whereas other companies require you to connect to the server they provide or visa versa. Let’s look at the pros and cons of your own terminal server vs. ABCOA ASP Server:


Customer Terminal Server


Lower monthly user fees


Upfront Server expenditures (hardware cost and software licensing average $2500 to $4500

User is responsible for server equipment, maintenance, IT costs and updating the server

User is responsible for network configuration and troubleshooting in event of a failure

User is responsible for system backups and data backups

User is responsible for client connectivity configuration to the server

User is responsible for printer redirection configuration to the server




No server equipment expenditures (hardware cost and software licensing)

ABCOA is responsible for server, network, printer, client connectivity configuration

ABCOA is responsible for onsite and offsite backups of system and data

ABCOA Server runs in a private cloud with High Availability clustering for server failover

ABCOA equipment co-located with Colo5 disaster recovery center (www.colo5.com)

ABCOA equipment has triple redundant internet providers (Level3, ATT, TW Telecom)

ABCOA equipment has triple redundant generators for uninterrupted power


Slightly higher monthly user fees

2 year contract required


Once you have decided to either host your own server or use one your DMS provides for you, you will see that it streamlines and improves your business information flow in many ways. Pick up the phone and call your software current software provider for more information on the options available to you!

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