Short Term Vehicle Rentals

By Scott Hackett - February 26, 2021

Short Term Vehicle Rentals

During the Pandemic, are you looking for other ways of generating income from your inventory?  One option could be to rent these vehicles out on a short term basis.

Short term rentals allow you to leverage your current inventory to produce income instead of having these units sit on the lot.  With short term rentals, you’re able to define a specific period over which your unit will depreciate as well as define the fees charged at either a weekly or even daily rate.

Some further benefits of renting out your inventory:

  • to get word out about your company if you have branding on the vehicles
  • to see how well a potential customer will pay
  • the customer may fall in love with the vehicle and want to buy
  • additional revenue stream for your business

Short term rentals are set up very similarly to Leases, allowing you to depreciate the inventory and earn just the fees without keeping a receivable on the books.  To learn more about how Short Term Rentals work inside of DealPack Pro, please reach out to Support at either or 1-800-526-5832.

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