Service Departments – The Next Step

By Amir Dabiri - October 20, 2022

Today’s markets have seen historic levels of inflation. The global economy has helped to link nations and markets together for better and for worse. BHPH dealerships are not immune to global events. Consumer spending trends have certainly shifted from a luxury to a needs-based approach to spending.

Less inventory is now being sold versus the spending spike just a few years ago. As a result, customers are holding onto their vehicles longer and penny-pinching maintenance on them instead. How can a BHPH dealer adjust to this new trend? Service departments are an easy way to help generate revenue and loyalty for dealers needing that extra push.

Dealers that take the step and open a service department provide a unique service to their customers much like helping them finance their loans with a related finance company. Another dynamic option dealers can take is to offer a wide variety of service contracts with varying premiums to fit the customer. These products can help to entice the customer to commit to bringing their vehicle back for repair, thus giving the dealership more facetime to upsell the customer to a newer vehicle! Service departments also open the door to in-house repair work and reconditioning. Performing reconditioning work internally can save dealers versus subletting to another business.

Imagine now, the dealer takes that step and opens a service department. What’s next? Sure, they hired a tech or two, possibly bought some common inventory. What about tracking? Much like DMS systems, there are a multitude to choose from on the market. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, in this market of penny-pinching, a good service and parts DMS should have the ability to track all facets of the operation. Parts inventory, labor rates, and even work-in-process tracking need to be given thought. Integrations are another concern to a dealer.

Service advisors don’t have time to double type information into two or three different systems, it’s just not practical. What about reporting? How easily can information that is relevant to not only a tech, a service advisor, or even an owner be pulled for review? Is there a program that fits everyone?

ABCoA offers a Deal Pack Service & Parts module that is fully integrated with Deal Pack Sales and Deal Pack Finance. The Service module offers the perfect solution to any dealer looking to branch into the service side of the business.

Not only does the module offer repair order tracking from start to finish, it also features its own unique set of integrations. Need up to date labor data? No problem, the module integrates with AllData to give the latest industry standards for hours per operations. Parts ordering is also covered in the module! Now service writers truly have a one-stop-shop experience for ordering parts at the best prices in their area. Finally, save time and use text messages to keep the customer updated on their vehicle. No need to call and leave a voicemail when just clicking a button while in the repair order. Combine these integrations with the integrated accounting functions to complete the perfect ecosystem of efficiency at the best cost and revenue topped with personalized customer service.

Contact us today to learn more about how Deal Pack and Deal Pack Service & Parts can help you and your business grow in a new direction. Our support team can help you determine what it will take to make your operation the most profitable and sustainable today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Give us a call 800-526-5832 or email to find out how we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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