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By Deal Pack - November 28, 2012

I was asked recently if Deal Pack could track referrals. The answer: of course! We know that referral leads are your best leads and rewarding those people who bring you word-of-mouth business is important.


Our system allows you to input referral information for specific customers, including a referral fee. You can also view a referral report that shows who they buyer is and who they were referred by, as well as all the vehicle and customer information, how much the referral fee was and most important, if it has been paid.


Paying your referral fees couldn’t be easier either. Once you have a referral fee to pay and the appropriate GL control set up for this expense, you just cut a check against the expense account. When this expense account is selected, you’ll pick whose referral fee you’re paying and the check information will be filled in. In addition, the referral report gets updated reflecting this payment.


This feature is an excellent way to keep track of and reward your current customers, mechanics, or any other vendor or person who sends business your way.

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