Ready to go Paperless?

By Amir Dabiri - January 19, 2018

In a perfect world we would be free of human error. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect; mistakes are made, and auditors are not known to be forgiving. Think of all the many pages of documents needed for the sale of a vehicle and multiply that by the number of past, present, and future customers. That’s a lot of filing cabinets and a lot of folders and pages that can easily go missing. Deal Pack can help with file management with our Digital Loan Jacket feature that will store all of your essential documents in one place. Ready to go paperless?


By utilizing the Digital Loan Jacket, the wiggle room for human error is being removed. When an auditor comes in this would mean all vital documents can be quickly accessed with a few clicks of a mouse. The days of diving in filing cabinets are over. Deal pack is also integrated with DoscuSign, so each document can be signed electronically .  This would mean that a signature field would never be missed and the signing process will be sped up and automatically added to the Digital Loan Jacket when completed. After signing, the documents are automatically emailed to the customer. It really is that easy.


To learn more about Deal Pack or Digital Loan Jacket and Docusign features, please contact our support staff toll free at 1-800-526-5832.

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