Post-Pandemic CRM

By Ashton Azizi - August 13, 2020

Post-Pandemic CRM

As states and businesses begin to open back up and life gets back to normal, one welcomed problem dealerships will face is the post-pandemic rise in demand. Every dealership will face a different level of demand, but one thing is for certain, you will have to be prepared for it. Undoubtedly many dealerships have seen a change in business processes which could affect their approach to customer relationship management. ABCoA provides a solution that will make this transition easier for our customers. Using cyclCRM, dealers can simplify their CRM strategy and make sure they are ahead of the game.

You will not have to worry about missing any leads; cyclCRM will bring in your leads from your various sources into one system. The ability to merge duplicated leads allows you to keep updated on whom you will need to reach out to and keep your CRM clutter free.

One of the biggest advantages with cyclCRM is the ability to send out automated messages to your customers and leads. As demand rises, you won’t have to worry about being short staffed. You can easily send out automated and personalized emails and text messages to your customers – giving you a broad outreach at a click of a button. This opens the door to countless marketing opportunities that could greatly benefit your business as more customers come back to the car buying market. Setting up marketing email and text templates will put you ahead of the game.

To get a head start on your post-pandemic marketing strategy through cyclCRM, reach out to a Deal Pack Support Rep at (800)526-5832.

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