Mitigating Credit Risk: Strategies for BHPH Dealerships

By Evan Akins - August 23, 2023

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships play a vital role in the automotive industry by providing loans to customers with poor credit. While these dealerships serve an underserved market, they also face the challenge of managing significant credit risk. Balancing the need for profitability and sustainability requires effective risk mitigation strategies. In this blog, we will explore several approaches that BHPH dealerships can employ to mitigate credit risk and enhance their business operations.


Comprehensive Credit Screening
Implementing a rigorous credit screening process is the first step in mitigating credit risk. BHPH dealerships should establish thorough evaluation criteria to assess a customer’s financial capability. This may include assessing credit history, income verification, employment stability, and other relevant factors. By ensuring that customers have the means to repay their loans, dealerships can significantly reduce the risk of default. With DealPack, you get an integrated credit application and two customizable scoring models that make credit screening fast and easy.

Down Payments and Trade-Ins
Requiring substantial down payments or encouraging customers to trade in their existing vehicles can be effective risk mitigation strategies. A significant down payment reduces the loan amount, increasing the customer’s stake in the vehicle and decreasing the risk of default. Trade-ins can also help by reducing the total loan amount, improving the customer’s equity position, and creating a positive financial commitment.

Accurate Vehicle Valuation
Precise vehicle valuation is essential for BHPH dealerships to mitigate credit risk. Overvaluing vehicles can lead to inflated loan amounts, making it harder for customers to repay and increasing the risk of default. Utilizing reliable valuation tools, conducting thorough inspections, and considering market conditions will ensure the accurate assessment of a vehicle’s worth, resulting in a more realistic loan-to-value ratio.

Real-Time GPS Tracking and Starter Interrupt Devices
The installation of real-time GPS tracking and starter interrupt devices can significantly mitigate credit risk. These devices provide dealerships with the ability to locate and disable vehicles in the event of loan default or delinquency. Such measures act as a deterrent, encouraging customers to make timely payments and reducing the risk of repossession. DealPack seamlessly integrates with many GPS companies including Ituran, Goldstar, PassTime, Imetrik, and SareKon.

Effective Collections and Communication
Establishing a robust collections process is crucial for mitigating credit risk. BHPH dealerships should invest in a skilled collections team that communicates effectively and empathetically with customers. By promptly addressing payment issues, offering flexible solutions, and maintaining open lines of communication, dealerships can improve customer retention and reduce the likelihood of defaults.

Continuous Monitoring and Risk Analysis
BHPH dealerships should implement ongoing monitoring and risk analysis processes to identify potential credit risks early on. Regularly reviewing customer payment histories, credit reports, and economic indicators can help identify warning signs and enable proactive intervention. Early detection allows dealerships to take appropriate actions, such as renegotiating payment terms, providing additional support, or initiating recovery procedures, thereby minimizing potential losses.

Strengthening Relationships with Lenders
Building strong relationships with lenders is crucial for BHPH dealerships. Maintaining open lines of communication, providing accurate and timely financial information, and demonstrating a commitment to responsible lending practices can help establish trust with lenders. A positive relationship with lenders can lead to improved funding terms, increased loan limits, and access to additional resources during challenging times.

Managing credit risk is an ongoing challenge for BHPH dealerships, but by implementing effective risk mitigation strategies, these dealerships can improve their profitability and sustainability. Comprehensive credit screening, down payments, accurate vehicle valuation, GPS tracking devices, effective collections processes, continuous monitoring, and strong lender relationships are all essential components of a robust risk management framework. By prioritizing responsible lending practices, BHPH dealerships can help customers rebuild their credit while ensuring the long-term success of their businesses.

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