Managing Consumer Complaints Through Your DMS

By Ashton Azizi - October 1, 2021

Consumer complaints have been on the rise in recent years. With the pandemic restricting the normal procedures for businesses, following up and ensuring these complaints are addressed has never been harder.

Complaints against you and your company are a critical area to manage. It is common practice for people to read reviews on social media or any other source and have them influence their decision to do business with a company or to avoid it. Sometimes it only takes a few reviews for the customer to paint a picture of what they believe a company’s product or service might be. Negative reviews can be detrimental and dissuade people from seeking your product and service. Having a concrete strategy to follow up on both legitimate and inaccurate complaints is important for any company to have, especially in the car industry.

Any great DMS should have the ability to record, manage, and make it easy for your employees to follow up on customer complaints. This will ensure you address all necessary issues that exist for your customers and prevent similar situations from happening in the future. In Deal Pack, you can utilize the File Maintenance section to record and work on complaints. Deal Pack gives you the ability to set up different sources of complaint, open, work and take notes on, as well as close reported complaints all under the Complaint tab. Managers can run reports and make sure all the necessary issues are followed up on and the customers are satisfied. Customers who have our Service and Parts Module also have the ability to manage complaints through the same process at the Customer module. To learn more about complaint management in Deal Pack, please reach out to ABCoA Support at (800)526-5832 or email us at

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