Making Sure Promises to Pay are Paid

By Helga Buck - March 23, 2022

A lesson we have all had to learn is that promises, no matter how important, can be broken. Collectors in the subprime industry are constantly reminded of this truth. They may finally contact a customer who agrees to pay on a specified date, just for the customer to go back on their word and not pay a dime.

Even though Deal Pack makes it easy to track these broken promises, this still means the collector must start their efforts over and begin trying to contact the customer yet again. Scenarios like this beg the question, “Is there any way to increase the likelihood that these payments will actually be made?” Deal Pack’s answer is, “Yes!”

Future One Time Payments can easily be setup in Deal Pack. This means that a customer will not only be in the system promising to pay on a certain date, but they are set to have the card or bank account charged for the amount on that specific date. The situation has now shifted from a verbal agreement to an actual payment commitment, making it more difficult for the promise to be broken. Additionally, customers have the option of being set up for Recurring Payments. This may prevent them from ever being part of the Collections queue.

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