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DMS Support

By Deal Pack - June 20, 2012

At its core, there is nothing that is more frustrating than a software solution that doesn’t solve anything. A problematic DMS can lead to a variety of things detracting from the ultimate goal in business – making money. These can include downtime, lost productivity, unhappy customers and aggravated employees which all trickle down leaving a smaller number at the bottom of the income statement. While no DMS solution is perfect, the best include an element often overlooked when initially shopping for or evaluating different solutions. In a word, support.


The quality of the support included with your software is one of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for a DMS. As systems are constantly changing and being updated, it is inevitable that issues will arise. The ability for you to have access to first-rate support is crucial to keep your operation running efficiently.


So now that we have established that support is important, here are a few things to look for in your DMS’s support:


Ease of obtaining support. Can you call a 1-800 number? Do you have to email? Or fill out an online request? When is live support available?


Knowledge of support staff. Are they easy to understand? Do they know the industry?


Commitment to satisfaction. Is the staff interested in helping you or hurrying you off the phone? What is the response time for support issues?


The above outlines some basic questions you should have answered before committing your business to a DMS. We at ABCoA provide a level of support that is second to none. Simply pick up the phone (800-526-5832) and see for yourself. Many dealers mistakenly think all support is equal, but nothing can be further from the truth. Think of all the time and energy you put in to keeping your customers happy and satisfied… Don’t accept anything less from your DMS.

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