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Three Helpful Hints for Making the Most of Your DMS

By Deal Pack - June 19, 2012

For a great number of used car dealerships, finding the right DMS is a long process that can take months, or even years. So what a great feeling when you finally have the right one. You have found a software that handles all the processes you need, fits your price range, feeds you grapes, gives you a foot massage, and fights in the UFC on the weekend. It will be nothing but smooth sailing from here right? As we know it is never quite that simple. You have taken a great first step, but even if you paid top dollar for your software, you will see diminishing returns if you limit the effectiveness through misuse. One could write a book about how to maximize the effectiveness of your software, but for the purpose of this blog I would like to look at just a few ways you can make the most of your DMS.


As always, the most important thing with any software is training. A great deal of efficiency has been gained over the years by integrating numerous departments in a single software (such as integrated accounting), but that also means it is more important than ever for each employee to use the software correctly. A mistake made in payables does not just affect your payables. It can cause incorrect numbers on your Financial Statements or Sales Managers to base decisions on incorrect profit figures as just a couple examples. For this reason, along with a score of others, time and resources should be spent on training your employees. Software providers have an incentive to keep you well trained and happy, so contact a representative and find out what kind of training deals are offered. As an example, Deal Pack offers up to 2 days of training for free at our location in Jacksonville, FL.


Secondly, stay on top of new features and integrations available. As used car dealers you have had to change and evolve as time goes by to stay alive and stay in the black. Software companies are under a great deal of pressure to ensure your changing needs are satisfied. If your provider sends you monthly or quarterly update letters, read them! Deal Pack releases new features and updates on a weekly basis, which we outline in our monthly newsletters. If that’s not enough, we touch base with our dealers at least once per quarter to make sure everything is running smoothly. Don’t wait until someone at a 20 group tells you how much time and money they are saving with a new feature. Stay on top of it yourself and stay ahead of the curve. Even if you are perfectly happy with your software the way it is, it never hurts to have more information and know exactly what your options are.


Finally, remember above all; getting great software is not a replacement for great employees. Your software is simply a tool (granted an increasingly advanced one). Your business is about getting the right people with the right tools to be successful. They should complement, not replace each other. You will greatly reduce the return on your software investment if you have the wrong people using it. Likewise, if you hire incredibly skilled employees, you will be choking their efficiency if they are forced to use subpar software. Don’t use an advanced software package as an excuse to eliminate your hiring selection process with the thinking that any idiot can do it. You still need to take the time to hire the right person.

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