Is Your DMS Ready for Your Success?

By Amir Dabiri - October 14, 2022

Whether you are just starting a dealership or have been in business for years, you have to consider if your current dealer/lender management software is working to its potential. With a plethora of solutions in the industry, looking for a system that fits your operation’s needs is a process in of itself. If finding a new solution is something you and your team have debated, but are unsure of where or what to look for, here are a few things to consider when selecting a new provider.

Ensure that your solution eliminates double-entry and duplicated work.

Entering the same information into multiple systems is inefficient and leaves you susceptible to data-entry errors. This in turn decreases productivity and doesn’t enable your team to focus on growing the business, making sales, or helping customers.

Look at the solution’s automated processes, features, and available integrations.

Look beyond the basics of how a solution performs when entering vehicle information, selling or leasing (if it can handle leasing) a vehicle, or the collections process. Take a look at how the solution automates processes, especially accounting and customer relationship management, to ensure that your operation is getting the work done correctly, efficiently, and with a personalized touch.

Does the solution offer training for users, updates, and support.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. When choosing the right provider, ensure that they are evolving as well – especially when it comes to regulatory issues that may require programming to keep you compliant. Along with that, does the provider offer training and friendly support so your team is using the solution to its full potential.

How easily can you access your data.

Your provider should make your data easily accessible in or out of the application. Look to see if the data that is in the system can be easily exported to create custom reports. If you decide to leave the provider, how easily can you complete a data extract from the solution while also mitigating data loss.

Can the solution handle growth.

One of my favorite poets once said, “More money, more problems.” As a dealer or lender on the search for the right solution, it is so important to find a provider that is able to grow as your business does and mitigate the growing pains. Handling things like multiple locations or entities is something that the solution should provide.

For new and established operations, having a solution like Deal Pack, with its ability to eliminate double-entry and automate processes, provide training and support, and grow with you is an asset. To learn more about Deal Pack and its many features, please call 800-526-5832 or email




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