Insurance Tracking Made Easy

By Ashton Azizi - March 31, 2021

One of the most challenging aspects of a buy-here-pay-here business is guaranteeing your financial interests are protected through your customers’ insurance. It can be a very frustrating and tedious task to keep track of the insurance status for your customers and ensure you are up to date on any insurance changes, cancellations, or expirations. Deal Pack always seeks to provide its customers with the most comprehensive package to their business needs. In this instance we are giving our customers a peace of mind when it comes to insurance tracking.

Through Deal Pack’s integration with Berkshire Risk, users would never have to worry about insurance tracking as the work will be done for them and seamlessly imported into Deal Pack. Berkshire Risk offers insurance tracking on every financed lease or loan in your portfolio, verifies information through collection of necessary documents, and has active communication with customers and their insurance agents to ensure they are getting correct and up to date information. On top of this, they will provide online access to collected insurance documents and histories, give daily or weekly updates, and offer call center support. This will eliminate any worries and provide benefits to your business giving you the time to sell more vehicles and have fewer uninsured losses.

Deal Pack’s integration with Berkshire will export your customer’s current insurance information as well as import the updated information from Berkshire (including any accounts that have been placed on CPI). This means you will not even have to worry about recording any findings from Berkshire as everything will be done automatically. If you want more information on Deal Pack’s Berkshire Risk integration, please contact support at (800) 526-5832 or emails us at

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