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I’d love to showcase a few hot vehicles we have for sale, but the showroom only accommodates one unit…

By Deal Pack - January 28, 2013

Please allow me to offer the perfect solution – introducing Deal Pack’s Kiosk feature. This option displays your inventory images from a computer monitor utilizing a minimal area of space.


Deal Pack provides the ability to save and view up to six digital pictures per unsold vehicle. The first order of business is to save the JPEG images to your local computer. Next, open the Inventory section of Deal Pack and select a vehicle. To upload photos, click the Image button and select Browse/Edit. Locate and select the first saved image from the File Open window and click Open. Deal Pack will display the image – click Save to complete the import. Repeat to add additional images or click Close to exit. Complete the same procedure for each desired vehicle.


Now we’re ready to start the Kiosk. Click the Kiosk button also located on the Inventory screen. Select whether you wish to display new, used or both vehicle types. You have the option to display a specific vehicle Make or use the All Makes check box. Next your provided with sorting options to display in order by year, make, model, body type or retail price. Enter a motion rate in seconds for the display rotation. You can also elect to show an approximate payment amount per vehicle. This is based on the term and interest rate defaults set up in the Parameter file. Click the Play button at the bottom of the screen to start the show. All images saved per vehicle will be displayed.


Contact a Deal Pack Support Specialist to request a demo or if you require assistance with setting up your Kiosk.

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