I have a payoff amount that is more than what the customer owes, can I apply it as 1 single payment?

By Deal Pack - October 26, 2012

Recently I was asked from numerous customers how they should handle payoffs that are more than the current payoff. Typically I tell customers that they can split the payment up into 2, one being the payoff and then applying the rest to some other liability account. However we also have an over payment features in Dealpack that allows you to take an overpayment as long as you have a G/L control setup in your parameters. Just enter what liability account you want and you are good to go.


Ex. Customer owes you $4998 and the check from the insurance company or bank is for $5010, when you enter the $5010 it will ask your if you wish to apply the $12 as an overpayment. So know you have one receipt to enter for the customer of $5010. To refund the customers the difference in this case $12 just go into check writer and check the box labeled customer refund. You will see that customers name and you can cut a check to him/her.


Call Dealpack Support if you need help setting this feature up and step by step instructions.

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