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How To Quickly and Easily Import Vehicle Purchase Data to Your DMS

By Deal Pack - January 15, 2013

Do you already have BookitOut? Do you have an IPhone or an Android cell phone? What if I told you that you can go to the auction, scan the vin and enter the purchase price of the vehicle you just purchased and import it directly into Dealpack? Well that’s exactly what you can do. Save time and money.


Follow these steps:


1. First Scan the vehicle vin you purchased at the auction ( Bar Code is usually found on front doors or in front of driver side window)




2. Enter the purchase price and mileage of unit purchased into your mobile device and click save
3. In dealpack just click Mobile Purchase and that will import and AUTOMATICALLY create your payable invoice to the auction company


Eliminate double entry with just a scan of a vehicle.


Also are you having trouble doing vehicle reconciliation? Your software said you should have 146 cars on the lot however physical inventory shows 140. With Bookitout you can compare side by side and see exactly which cars are missing in the matter of minutes rather than hours.


Walk on your lot. Scan you cars and compare what you have.


Call Dealpack and they will show you how it all works.


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