How to get the most out of your BHPH Website

By Deal Pack - September 19, 2013

In today’s modern world, everything has gone digital. It began with simple email correspondence and has grown to having meetings online and much more. Do not get left behind! Make sure your company is up to par with the latest technological advances that can keep you on top of the game. Having a website for your company these days seems almost like common sense. However, having a website doesn’t mean a webpage with your name and address only. One of the most important items you definitely need to have on a webpage is inventory. There is nothing consumers hate more than being surprised when they come to your dealership. This goes along with not only having inventory available for viewing, but making sure you keep that list updated.  Below are a few steps you can follow to be sure you are using the tools available to you:


  • Have a website that includes your current inventory along with pictures and prices
  • Make sure to continuously update the vehicle on the website with ONLY unsold inventory
  • Use online specials on your website to entice prospects to actually come in the dealership
  • Be sure to check which different inventory uploads are available to you
  • Use social media…It’s FREE advertising


For information on how Deal Pack integrates with inventory uploads, call an Account Specialist today at 1-800-526-5832

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