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Georgia Tax Changes – TAVT Beginning March 1st 2013

By Deal Pack - April 8, 2013

GA dealers I am sure you are aware by now that the tax rate is no longer based on the sales price of the vehicle. As of March 1st 2013, all taxes on vehicles will be based on a fair market value. Have no fear, Dealpack Customers! We have already integrated this feature and you are all good to go. In the Quick Deal and Quick Lease modules, if your state code is GA, you will now see the 6.5% tax rate automatically calculated based on the fair market value for the vehicle as given by the state of GA. You will also need to make SURE that you are using the new MV-1 form revised 03/01/2013.


“As a reminder, the requirement for Dealers to process title and TAVT fee within 10 days or pay a penalty has been moved to 30 days. Dealers are required to submit title applications (MV-1) and TAVT to the county where the vehicle will be registered within 30 days from the date of purchase or pay a 5% penalty of TAVT. In addition, day 60 is 10% of TAVT, day 90 is 15% of TAVT and day 120 is 25% of TAVT. Obviously, it is becoming more and more important and expensive if you don’t expedite the title transfer process in a timely manor. At day 25 and you still do not have the title, please contact your customer and send them to their tag office for a 30 day extension. You can download that form online at the GA department of vehicles website. “ – GIADA


Also, if you’re in Dealpack and you do NOT see the fair value of a vehicle come up, please know that you can use the NADA “clean Value” for your tax calculation. For example, cars manufactured prior to 1998 you will need to refer to the NADA book value.


If you have any questions on the new Georgia tax changes please feel free to call any one in support at Dealpack!

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