Five Steps for Successful Sales Calls

By Claire Cruce - August 14, 2019

Each inbound call to your lot is a potential customer gained or lost. The goal of every call is to sell the appointment, but how can your team be trained to effectively reach this goal? Having a set process in place for them to follow and fully taking advantage of cyclCRM’s scheduling capabilities will help hold them accountable and aid in their success.

Step 1 – The Greeting: Begin each call with a complete and welcoming greeting to develop a good first impression. Always introduce yourself and remember to smile to ensure your voice inflection is warm and welcoming.

Step 2 – Rapport Building: Start by listening to the customer and showing them that you care. Let callers know you are paying attention by acknowledging their questions but wait to answer them until you have received their contact information. cyclCRM will allow you to enter notes on their account during this step, so next time you speak with them you can mention something from the last conversation to show you care and remembered their concerns and/or interests.

Step 3 – The Appointment: When setting up an appointment with a prospect, create a sense of urgency and don’t leave the question open-ended. Instead of asking when they can stop in, ask if they are available to come in now or later today. You can set the appointment up in cyclCRM for the exact time at the time of the call and the prospect will receive a confirmation message.

Step 4 – Closure: Give out your contact information and repeat the appointment time back to the customer. Ask them to reach out to you if the time changes. Finally, make sure they know how to get to the store and give directions if needed. Follow up before the appointment through cyclCRM, by setting up an automated reminder to be sent to the customer, a day or a few hours before the appointment.

Step 5 – Recap: Always recap the call. Tell them once more when the appointment will be, who to ask for, and list what they should bring.

Training your team is an investment in your business. Listen to the sales calls and determine what their weaknesses and strengths are, then train based on those. Stick with the same process for training and hold them accountable for following that process. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of what cyclCRM and DealPack Pro can offer your business, please call support toll-free at 1-800-526-5832.

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