Ensuring Compliance with the Soldiers and Sailors Act: How Dealer Management Software Can Help

By Amir Dabiri - May 23, 2023

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Running a dealership requires managing multiple aspects of the business, from inventory and sales to customer relations and finance. Amidst these responsibilities, it is crucial to prioritize compliance with the Soldiers and Sailors Act (SSCRA), which protects the rights of military personnel during their active service. Dealer management software (DMS) plays a vital role in assisting dealerships in meeting their legal obligations while providing seamless operations. In this blog, we will explore how DMS can help dealerships comply with the SSCRA and support service members.

Stay of Proceedings and Legal Compliance
The SSCRA provides provisions for the temporary suspension of legal proceedings against service members. A robust DMS can help dealership owners and managers stay compliant by integrating features that automate the identification and management of customers who are military personnel. The software can flag accounts and automatically apply the appropriate legal protections, such as suspending collection activities or delaying legal actions during the servicemember’s active duty.

Interest Rate Calculation and Caps
The SSCRA ensures that military personnel are protected from excessive interest rates on pre-existing loans. DMS can assist dealerships in accurately calculating and applying interest rates within the prescribed limits. The software can be programmed to automatically adjust interest rates for servicemembers’ loans, ensuring compliance with the act and preventing predatory lending practices.

Lease Termination and Flexibility
The SSCRA allows service members to terminate leases without penalty if they receive orders for a permanent change of station or deployment. A DMS can streamline the lease termination process by centralizing customer data and contract information. When a service member provides the necessary documentation, the software can automate the lease termination, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing financial burdens for the individual.

Documentation and Audit Trail
Compliance with the SSCRA requires accurate documentation and maintenance of records. A comprehensive DMS can serve as a central repository for all customer information, including military service verification, deployment orders, and legal correspondence. By capturing and storing these documents electronically, the software ensures easy access, reduces the risk of lost paperwork, and creates an auditable trail to demonstrate compliance with the act.

Training and Education
An effective DMS should also provide training resources and educational materials to dealership staff regarding the SSCRA. These resources can help employees understand the act’s provisions, recognize the rights of military personnel, and navigate the necessary processes within the software. By promoting awareness and knowledge, dealerships can ensure consistent compliance and provide superior customer service to service members.

Regular Updates and Compliance Monitoring
The SSCRA, like any legislation, may undergo updates and amendments over time. A DMS with regular software updates and a dedicated support team can help dealerships stay current with any changes in the act. Additionally, the software can provide compliance monitoring features, flagging potential issues or discrepancies that may arise and guiding dealerships towards corrective actions.

Compliance with the Soldiers and Sailors Act is not just a legal requirement but a moral obligation for dealerships. Robust dealer management software, like Deal Pack, serves as a valuable tool in achieving compliance by automating processes, providing accurate calculations, maintaining documentation, and supporting staff training. By leveraging the capabilities of DMS, dealerships can ensure seamless operations, maintain a strong reputation, and support the rights of military personnel who selflessly serve our nation.

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