Embracing Technology Even After the Pandemic

By Amir Dabiri - October 1, 2021

While the pandemic has been devastating for some businesses, the Buy Here Pay Here Industry has prospered.  This pandemic has provided new opportunities and challenges that fueled innovation and updated technology.  BHPH companies who adjusted and implemented new technology and procedures to facilitate online business prospered, while others struggled.  In the subprime auto finance business, the pandemic’s influence on the consumer was similar.  Subprime customers opted to shop online for vehicles instead of physically going to the dealerships to find a vehicle.

It’s unlikely the e-commerce trend will disappear as the pandemic ends. E-commerce will not replace brick and mortar dealerships, but the changing times require them to integrate technology that complements, not replaces, their previous operating practices.  Embracing online technology will benefit their business and make them competitive in the future.  Texting is a prime example of an important tool for the future of the subprime auto finance business.

Deal Pack offers many options when it comes to texting.  Customers can send payment reminder texts to customers, send corresponding text messages, receive text messages from customers, allow the customers to make a payment via text, and much more.  If you are interested in learning more about the texting features that Deal Pack has to offer, feel free to reach out to request a demo at (800) 526-5832 or email us at support@abcoa.com.

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