DMS Reports

By Deal Pack - August 3, 2012

On the front end, a DMS provides a user friendly application to run your daily operations. On the back end, it’s a complex database. The ability to effectively query this database in order extract relevant data is invaluable. Rest assured that the team at Deal Pack has the industry knowledge and technical expertise to give you exactly what you need in an easy to view and understand format. In a nutshell, your database and the front end DMS is significantly underutilized if the data contained within it cannot be leveraged to produce valuable information in the form of reports.


With the BHPH and sub-prime financing industries, a heavy emphasis is put on the receivable and collections reports. It is critical to have this information accessible and relevant at any given time. Specific report examples include cash intake, age analysis, delinquency and promise to pays. Any DMS in the game will have these basic reports to aide in your daily operational processes. What makes Deal Pack different is the ability to customize these, and all of our reports, by sorting and filtering them by a wide array of criteria. What if you only want to see the amount of unpaid down payments for one of your three lots, for only last month and sorted by stock number? Done. With a few button clicks the report populates and you are back to your business, not struggling with Pandora’s Box of data trying to figure out how to get in and get what you want. This is just one example of the many useful reports our customers utilize daily to keep their operations streamlined.


In addition to the receivable and collections reports we have a wealth of reports that cover everything from inventory to sales to insurance. Again, all reports have the ability to be customized by filtering and sorting by the criteria you need. If that isn’t enough, Deal Pack has the option export these reports to excel for further utilization. And, if there is something that we don’t have exactly the way you want it, we have a report builder that allows you to select specific customer, vehicle or payment data to build and save your own custom reports. The bottom line is that your data is useless unless, through effective reports, it can be turned in to information; information that can be relied upon to make sound business decisions. No one bridges this gap and provides the results you need better than Deal Pack.

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