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Dealer Management Systems: What is Street Money?

By Deal Pack - September 11, 2012

Street Money and Cash in Deal are figures that give you and idea of how much money you have at risk when selling the vehicle and throughout the loan. The Cash in Deal is your initial investment in the car or the money you have at risk on the street. Cash in Deal consists of money put into the vehicle for purchase and repairs as well as the cost of products sold at point of sale less the down payment received from your customer.


Street Money is a changing figure as loan payments are made. This will reflect the current amount of money you still have at risk at any given time. The calculation varies depending on your interest method and type of company (Sales or Finance). To calculate Street Money for each scenario use the following formulas:


Add-On Interest (Sales Companies)


Cash In Deal – Total Payments + Balance Remaining + Interest Income


Simple Interest (Sales Companies)


Cash in Deal – Amount Financed + Principal Balance


Add-On and Simple Interest (Finance Companies)


Proceed Amount + Discount Earned – Principal Collected

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