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Deal Pack and DealerTrack: Integration News

By Deal Pack - April 15, 2013

Your dealership’s business is picking up, and it’s time to start looking outside of your normal financial institutions for financing of your potential customer. Look no further, because your answer is here! Dealertrack, among other things, is a web-based software solution, with a specialty in credit application processing, that dealerships can gain access to by signing up for a Dealertrack account. Dealertrack operates the largest online credit application network in North America.


To simplify, dealerships with a Dealertrack account can place their prospective deals and customer credit applications onto the web portal for potential lenders to review and purchase their loans. Deal Pack now offers integration with Dealertrack that makes it quick and easy to upload credit applications and pending deals to the Dealertrack portal. As a Deal Pack user, all you need to do is enter in your potential customer’s information into Deal Pack’s credit application module, and with the click of a button, the information can be sent to your Dealertrack portal. Additionally, if deal specifics have already been worked in Deal Pack, the integration allows pending deals in Deal Pack to be uploaded to the Dealertrack portal as well. For more information on Deal Pack’s integration with Dealertrack, call in to our friendly support staff at (800)-526-5832.

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