Data Mining and your CRM

By Jennifer Margettes - September 30, 2017

Over the years, the way that dealers communicate with their customers has changed. In the past, dealers would generate a list of customers’ that they would mail letters to for prospecting, service reminders and even to wish the customer happy birthday. As technology has developed, these letters have become obsolete and even an annoyance to some customers. Therefore, many of these letters wind up in the trash and are a wasted expense; the cost of this is astronomical when totaled up monthly. For example, if the average letter costs the dealership $3 dollars to generate/send and the dealership is sending out letters to 3,000 prospects and customers, that is a total monthly bill of $9,000.


As always Deal Pack strives to provide our customers with cutting edge technologies and through this, cyclCRM was born. cyclCRM allows for full automation of prospecting and lead follow up. With a few simple clicks of a button, the dealer can tell cyclCRM that as soon as a customer’s balance is less than $3,000 to automatically send that customer an email, text or even a picture message. This automation saves the dealer time and money in both the cost of paper and ink as well as the time the employees must spend preparing and sending these communications.


To learn more about or to get signed up for cyclCRM, please contact our support staff toll free at 1-800-526-5832.

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