CRM and Collaboration

By Bethany Richardson - August 25, 2020

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an essential tool that functions as far more than just “prospecting software.” Lead management, now more than ever, is focused on building and maintaining personal relationships with your customers by meeting their needs now and post-pandemic. There has been a change in customer preference towards a digital sales environment and more personalized communications. How can you, as leaders in the Used Car Industry, meet this need?

cyclCRM streamlines your sales process and creates collaboration across departments by providing omnichannel knowledge on a lead’s page. cyclCRM users can see the lifecycle of the lead from origination through each touchpoint:

  • All STIPS are stored on the customer page
  • Calls and appointments are scheduled and kept track of in the notes
  • Sales and loan details are updated real-time through integration with Deal Pack
  • Two-way email and SMS communications are time stamped and recorded

The ability to easily access information is a step that fundamentally breaks down business silos – or divisions that work independently of each other. This strategy has utility beyond just sales and customer service – by unifying these silos we can ensure your customer can move through their buying experience without friction. The customer relationship starts with your marketing team, is built with your BDR and salespeople, is secured by your F&I department and then maintained through customer service.

Seamless communication across all of these departments improves efficiency, effectively grows your business, adds value to your current processes, and provides a complete customer profile allowing your business to operate as a single unit. cyclCRM, our fully integrated CRM, is a solution to break down segmented operations and provide effortless collaboration which will benefit you and your customer.

Investing in a CRM, for some, is a no brainer. These are the businesses who will come out on top of the current sales climate and see measurable success after COVID. cyclCRM helps you capture leads quickly and build and maintain customer relationships through each step of the sales funnel.

Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-526-5832 and speak with our CRM Team to find out how cyclCRM can create collaboration in your business and how that can improve your customer relationships.

Email me at with any questions or to set up a Demo.

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